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We are a social cycling group and we ride on the third Thursday of every month. We cycle in North Hertfordshire, Central Bedfordshire and occasionally into Cambridgeshire. The distance covered is anything up to 30 miles.  Our group is supported by The Forty Plus Cycling Club it is of mixed experience and ability, so all adults are welcome. We welcome ebike riders.  We aim these rides at beginners and those who haven't cycled for a while and we ride at the speed of the slowest rider. We meet at the Fountain in Broadway Gardens for a 10:30 am start and ride to a pub, garden centre or café for lunch. 

Please check the LALG newsletter for our destination, approximate mileage and an idea of the terrain.

We aim to cycle all year round, weather permitting.

Please read the safety guidance about group cycle rides as linked below.

Safety Information: Cycling

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Thursday 18th January 24

This ride was cancelled due to adverse weather.


Thursday 21st December

The ride went ahead but we have no records for this ride.

Thursday 16th November

Thursday 19th October

The ride was cancelled due to adverse weather.

Thursday 17th August.

Eight of us set off from Letchworth with Geoff P leading, Geoff  H, Stuart, John H, Mia, Kris, Rob and Judith, joining for their second ride with us. Nige joined us at Wymondley.  Rather than cycling straight there, we did a small circuit vis Shilly Green, Three Houses Lane and Whitwell. Adrian and Mick joined us for lunch in The Strathmore Arms. It's a pleasant spot in the garden there, despite the succession of aircraft taking off from Luton!

Thursday 20th July

We had a pretty good turnout today, with two new riders (Judith and Rob) and a long-term absentee (welcome back Roy!) joining us. We had enough folk (and leaders!) to have two groups, with Geoff P joining us, so he led Stuart, Roy, John H, Judith and Rob, and I took Geoff H, John D, Richard and Nige on a longer route. Angie met us at Shuttleworth so there were 12 in all, first time we've had as many in a while.

Thursday 16th June

Another hot day saw six set off from LGC; myself, Mia, Richard, John D and both Geoffs, P and H! We took our usual route out as far as Stanford, where Geoff P, unfortunately, suffered a puncture. Luckily it's only a short hop to the pub from there, so we pumped it up and Geoff made his way there, while the rest of us went on a loop to get the miles in! We joined him at pretty much bang on midday and had a very enjoyable lunch in a shady spot in the pub garden. Always a suitable venue for this.

Thursday 18th May 2023.

No notes for today's ride.  Ride led by Geoff Perry.


Thursday 16 March 2023


Thursday 16th February 2023


Only five riders came out for the ride to Southill Adrian, Angie, Geoff, Andy who met us at Arlesey and myself Stuart. We were seven for lunch as Geoff P and Paul met us there.  Adrian led the ride which can be seen on Strava if anybody is interested.  On our return, the group took their own routes back.  

Thursday 15th December

This ride was cancelled due to inclement weather.

The photo is of us (North Herts Section of the Forty Plus Cycling Club) enjoying our Christmas lunch in The Rising Sun Halls Green the previous Thursday.

Thursday 17th November.


Today's ride to Southill did not go ahead due to inclement weather!

We didn't have much luck with today's ride, which was obviously a non-starter.  The original plan was to ride to Codicote stopping at The Vanstone Garden Centre for lunch.  Unfortunately, the restaurant went out of business so we changed the destination to Southhill and The White Horse for lunch but it was not to be.

Thursday 20th October



The ride was cancelled due to heavy rain.

Thursday 15th September


Thursday 18th August

Thursday, June 16th



A good turn out for our monthly Garden City Wheeler's ride, with 11 starting from the fountain in two groups; 

Thursday19th May

Thursday 17th March

Eight of us rode from the Fountain today -Alan, Geoff P, Geoff H, Kevin, John D, Angie and 2 newbies - Ian and Paul.

We split into two groups of Four - Geoff P (leading) with Angie, Ian and Paul riding the direct route via Arlesey, Henlow and Langley and Alan with Kevin, John D and Geoff H going the longer route via Bygrave, Ashwell, Hinxworth and Langley.

Thursday 17th February

A windy ride this morning but probably the best day of the week for a ride and the sun came out. Eight set off from the fountain, Myself John H, John D, Angie, Martin, Mia, Geoff H and Adrian leading, quite a low turnout than of late.  A nice relaxed lunch was had.  All in all, it was quite a pleasant ride notwithstanding the strong gusts of wind from time to time.

Thursday 20th January 2022

Ride Cancelled due to adverse weather.

Thursday 16th December

Thursday 16th September

Twelve cyclists turned up at the Fountain in the Broadway for our 10:30 start. We set off in two groups, one of eight riders who went by the direct route and four of us did an extra loop of 4/5 miles via Ireland and Old Warden. At lunch Paul joined us. Lunch was very pleasant, good food, service and company in glorious sunshine. Afterwards, we again split into two groups, heading directly back, with riders leaving the main groups for their individual destinations.

Thursday 17 June 2021 - Ride Cancelled

Thursday 20th February - Ride Cancelled

Today's ride has been cancelled due to the very strong winds and rain. 

Thursday 16th January 2020

Thursday 21st November 

Thursday 17th October

Thursday 19th September

Thursday 16th May

Thursday 21st February

Thursday 17th January 2019