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These are one-off events for all LALG members - the activities don't belong to any individual Group.  See links for details in the 'Group Events' panel.

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A basic First Aid course is being planned for early 2024 - aimed at responses to children’s accidents / injuries / emergencies. The target audience will be parents / grandparents who look after young children. We need a qualified First Aider to run the course - this can be a be a paid appointment.

We are planning to reintroduce this previously popular event in the Autumn of 2024 - further details of date, time and venue will be provided on the website and in future newsletters.

We are looking for one or two volunteers to help organise the golf on the day. Steve will do all the administration involved in booking of the course, refreshments and finance. Anybody interested in helping, please get in touch.

Steve Green 07710 542803; groupsupport@lalg.org.uk