A guidance note on LALG's insurance arrangements is available for download below.

A letter from LALG's insurers confirming its insurance cover is also available for download below. This letter will suffice to show proof of LALG's insurance.  It can be given to a third party to confirm, for example, LALG's Public Liability cover when hiring a venue.


Following the relaxation of some of the COVID-19 restrictions, the following should be noted:

  • LALG activities/events should follow national and local government guidelines on group size, social distancing and hygiene.
  • Any additional guidance from venues being used, or other parties connected with the activity or event, should also be followed.
  • Group Contacts/event organisers should remind participants of national and local government, and any additional, guidelines
  • If required, Group Contacts/event organisers should ensure they have own appropriate personal protection.  It would also be useful to have some additional hand sanitiser in case a venue does not provide any or a participant does not bring any.
  • Group Contacts/event organisers should also remind participants that they are responsible for their own personal insurance (this is standing requirement, not just COVID-19 related).



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