New Ideas

New Ideas

Ideas for new groups are popping up all the time. You will see them in the newsletter, on social media and listed below.

Some groups will disappear because they have become a group and you can look for them in the list of groups.

Others will disappear because they came to nothing.

If you want more details about any New Ideas, or you want to suggest one yourself, please contact or call the Group Support Team.


Group Events

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If you need help with launching a new LALG group or reviving an existing group, we are here to help. We can help with finding venues, getting publicity and even temporarily running the group.

The team also supports groups that are struggling or in need of support.

A few members have suggested a regular afternoon quiz - if that would interest
you too, please get in touch.
Contact: Mandy 07807 827944;

We have a Film Appreciation group which has been running for many years and has a waiting list. Do we have sufficient interest for a second one? We could operate in a similar way, meeting once a month discussing a film chosen by members, or in a completely different way. Six people are needed to get it going. Please state if you would prefer daytime or evening meetings.

Contact: William Armitage 01462 643537;

Time to revive this old favourite! If you would like a regular game of
backgammon, please get in touch.
Contact: Jackie 07970 407635;

We would like to revive the Annual LALG Walking Holiday, usually for five-day breaks during the week in a country house in locations such as the Dales or at the seaside. We are also looking at short UK breaks with guided walks graded as easy, moderate or more strenuous for a mixed-ability group. The walks would be led by experienced, qualified leaders. Please get in touch if this would interest you or if you could help with the organisation. We aim to start in 2025.

We could make regular trips, by train, to the National Theatre on London’s
South Bank. See for current productions and more
information about the theatre. Six names will ensure we start. Deadline to record interest: Friday 5 April.
Contact: William Armitage 01462 643537;

A regular early morning swim at the outdoor pool (open May - Sept). Possibly a Thursday once a fortnight. 8-9 am swim, followed by a drink at a café in town.

Contact: Steve Green 07710542803;

Wednesday 10 April, 10.30am, The Broadway hotel Bar, Broadway SG6 3NZ. 

This is our second meeting so we expect to launch as a group soon. We would welcome more people.
Contact: Jackie 07970 407635;