LALG is a voluntary organisation governed by a Constitution which:

  • Provides clear guidelines on how LALG works and ensures that LALG’s activities are conducted in a responsible way.
  • Makes LALG accountable and ensures it makes decisions in a democratic way and safeguards the interests of its Members.
  • Ensures that no one person wields undue power.

At the AGM on 7 November 2016 LALG Members approved a new Constitution.  Work originally started on drafting a new one because it was planned to register LALG as a charity but this was not possible as LALG’s objectives are not wholly charitable.   Notwithstanding that, the then existing Constitution had some shortfalls and was due for review and updating.  The new Constitution is much more robust and includes safeguards to ensure that the LALG Committee and LALG members behave correctly.

At the AGM on 20 November 2018 LALG Members approved some changes to the new Constitution.  These changes were relatively minor, mostly to make running LALG more efficient and in line with best practice and/or to clarify/confirm procedures.

The Constitution approved on 20 November 2018 is available for download below.

LALG Constitution (191.36 KB)