There are many teams of volunteers that keep LALG running, they all in some way or another report back to the LALG Committee, and will usually have a commitee member somewhere in the mix. The teams are always looking for people to help, and given the variety of jobs to do, you can usually find a team that would value your skills. Examples of teams are:

  • LALG Committee - runs LALG
  • Membership team - administers the membership system, and handles membership enquiries
  • Newsletter Editors - publishes the monthly Newsletter
  • Publicity Team - handles LALG publicity
  • IT Group - oversees the strategy and direction the IT takes
  • Website Technical Team - develops and maintains all technical aspects of the website and mail system
  • Website Editors - updates and maintains the information on the website
  • Group support Team - maternity ward for forming new groups, and support for group contacts

Not to forget the biggest team of all, the Group Contacts.

If you can help with any of these teams please contact LALG via the contact form on this website.  


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