• Commercial:          Full page (A5) £75, Half page (A6) £45.
  • Non-profit:            Full page (A5) £55, Half page (A6) £30

These rates will increase on 1 August 2024:
Commercial:  Full page £80, Half £45     Non-Profit: Full page £65, Half £35   Partners: a free 1/2 page per edition

There is a finite amount of space for advertising so the earlier we get your advert, the greater the chance of inclusion.

The deadline for the June/July issue is 10 May; for the August/September issue it is 10 July etc.

Adverts should be PNG or JPEG files, or in Microsoft Word in a simple, single-column layout with non-copyright images and no tables or headers. Not pdf.

Send to, formatted to fit - so portrait for a full A5 page or landscape for a half-page (A6).

LALG's Advertising policy can be found in Policies.

An invoice will be sent when we confirm that there is space for the advert (usually around the date we go to print). We will send you details of how to pay by electronic transfer. Late payment will make it harder for you to place future adverts.