Terms of Membership

This document should be read in conjunction with the Constitution

LALG is an organisation for people who wish to develop and pursue their leisure interests through attendance at events and meetings of the various special interest groups it comprises. LALG does not adopt or promote any religious or political views.

Members’ obligations:

  • Members of LALG are expected to treat all fellow members with kindness, courtesy and respect and to uphold the good reputation of LALG in their interactions with it
  • You should expect to show your membership card to participate in activities/events or to take advantage of discounts
  • You agree to accept personal responsibility for your own insurance.  Details of LALG’s insurance cover are available on LALG’s website. 
  • You agree not to use the email addresses of other LALG members to disseminate non-LALG information when those addresses have been obtained via LALG, unless you have the members’ permission. 
  • You agree not to use LALG meetings or events to promote religious or political views.
  • You must pay an annual fee to maintain your household’s membership
  • Members must be aged 18 or over
  • Your membership cannot be transferred to another person or household
  • You are entitled to attend and vote at LALG’s Annual General Meeting and any other general meetings of Members, full details of which are set out in LALG’s Constitution

LALG’s terms:

  • Members of a household may share a single membership.  Members of a household are defined as people living in the same house who are related in some way, either by birth, marriage or another relationship.  If a house has multiple occupancy and is shared by more than one household, separate memberships are required for each household.
  • If a household splits for any reason, one household will retain the LALG membership while the other(s) must purchase LALG membership at the rate applicable at that time.
  • Membership can be terminated if any membership fee has not been paid by the designated date.  The LALG Committee can also decide that it is in the best interests of LALG that a member should be removed from membership subject to the required steps being taken, including considering any representations made by the member.
  • Carers are able to come to events free of charge when they are supporting an LALG member
  • The LALG Committee can refuse an application for membership if it believes that it is in the best interests of LALG to do so.  The Committee must provide its reasons for doing so and the applicant has a right of appeal.
  • Any other terms that the LALG Committee may require from time to time and confirmed by a change to LALG’s Constitution if applicable.

This version was updated and approved at the committee meeting on 19 June 2024