LALG’s affairs are managed by a Committee.  The Committee's composition and how it should be run are set out in LALG's Constitution.

The Committee must comprise a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 members.  Committee members are elected by LALG Members at Annual General Meetings.  They serve for a term of three years, but they can stand for re-election.  There is no maximum period of service.

If there is a vacancy on the Committee, the Committee can co-opt a Member to fill the vacancy, but the person appointed must stand for election as a Committee member at the next AGM.

The Committee must include the following Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Publicity Officer and Data Protection Officer.  The Committee elects the Officers from its members.  The Chair and Vice Chair serve for one year only, but they may be re-elected.  Other Officers serve for a period of three years or until they resign their office or are no longer a Committee member.  They may also be re-elected.

The current Officers and their contact details are:

Role Officer Phone Email
Chair Jackie Harber 07361 040348
Vice Chair Jackie Sayers 07970 407635
Secretary Tessa Palfreyman 01462 678032
Treasurer Hetty Smith 07930 462870
Membership Secretary Jackie Harber 07361 040348
Publicity Officer Jackie Sayers 07970 407635
Data Protection Officer Judith Gower 07973 316235
Diversity Officer Amandeep Dhillon 07961 837645

Other Committee members are currently: William Armitage, Kim Baker and Jan Gates.

If you are interested in becoming a Committee member please contact the Chair at for further information. 

If you have any questions or need more information or support about equality, diversity and inclusion issues, please contact LALG's Diversity Officer at  LALG's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy is available in the Policies section.

LALG's Named Safeguarding Person is Steve Green.  He can be contacted by phone on 07710 542803 or by email at

The approved minutes of the Committee's most recent meetings are available in the Committee Meetings section and information about AGMs is in the AGMs section.

The Committee has set up a number of teams to help it run LALG and to support its activities and events.

Material for the Newsletter or the website should be sent to the following:

Newsletter Team
Website Editors