FAQ How to do Virtual Wine Group Meetings


Due the the fact we can't meet as a group, we have worked out how to do a virtual wine tasting so we can all taste the same six wines.


The wines which are decanted into smaller bottles for each household in a covid secure manner each bottle is labled and placed in the labled bag for the specific household. 

The bottles are delivered ahead of the zoom meeting, in a socially distanced way.

The details of the wines and the order in which to taste them are sent in advance via email.  After drinking each wine, we discuss and score the wine, giving marks out of 10.

Each household cleans their own bottles and returns them in the labled bag, so each household's bottles are kept separate


We have costed a flight of small bottles, six per household, for £3, yes, only 50p a bottle. The bottles hold 200ml, but we calculate with 21 participants, our current cadre, and two bottles of each wine, that would be 71ml each. After six rounds you will have consumed 430ml equal to about 3.5 small (125ml) glasses of wine. To be clear one bottle would contain enough wine for two people or if the household comprised one person the quantity would be adjusted and charged for accordingly.

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