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Wine Group Three is a sociable group of amateur wine enthusiasts who take enjoy tasting wines in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Each month two of our members choose a theme and share their selection of wines with the group. The group meets at 7:30pm on the third Tuesday of each month but we are taking a break for July and August. We will return to our regular meetings in Mrs Howard Memorial Hall in September.

The Group is currently full but if you are interested in joining us please get in touch with Mike or Jerry - see the Group Contact panel - and we can add you to the waiting list

Brief notes on previous tastings may be found below.


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FAQ How to do Virtual Wine Group Meetings

Due the the fact we can't meet as a group, we have worked out how to do a virtual wine tasting so we can all taste the same six wines.

FAQ - Places to get wine

People sometimes ask where do you get wine from, here is a list of suppliers that have been used by presenters in the past. This should not be considered as a recommendation, but the organisiers can probably point you at someone who has used them...

March 2021 Meeting - Non-EU Wines – The Brexit Selection

Our hosts this month are Martin and Auriol who have chosen other continents for their wine selection ...

February 2021 Meeting - Vaguely Religious?

This month our hosts are Bryan and Linda, The theme this month is loosely religious…..very loosely.
Due to it being Lent!...

January 2021 Virtual tasting - Guess the theme

This month's hosts were Julie and Jerry who (it turns out) went for an uplifting theme of hopefully named wines...

December 2020 Virtual Meeting - Winter Warmers

This months virtual hosts were Sue and Peter, they have chosen wines to warm the cockles of our hearts during these conld and damp days...

November 2020 Virtual Meeting - Wish we were there

The theme of this tasting is based on the places we should have visited in 2020, but were prevented in doing so by COVID. Starting with the whites, and finishing with the reds, which are all 14%. Some of the wines come from our cupboard under the stairs.

February 2020 Meeting - Good wines for under £10

This month our hosts were Martin and Auriol who looked for good wines under a tenner, this is what they found ...

January 2020 Meeting - Tryanuary

This month our hosts were Linda and Bryan, who invited us to try something new for January or "Tryanuary", it even had a nod to those wanting a Dry January...

November 2019 Meeting - Out/Back, wines from the Antipodes

This month our hosts were Graham & Lynn who were hedging their bets for the end of October by chosing wines from Australia and New Zealand...

October 2019 Meeting- Online Wines

This month our hosts were Sue and Bim, who had searched online for their wine choices see below...

September 2019 Meeting- Sommelier's Supermarket Selection

This month's tasting was expertly hosted by Clive and Susan who had selected from a range of supermarkets...

August 2019 - Summer Social

Our Summer Social  this year hosted by Alison and Mike, were everybody contributed some wine and a plate of food for this popular evening event.

July 2019 - Summer BBQ

This month we had our regular summer BBQ this year hosted by Sue and Peter, the weather was fine and a great time was had by all.

June 2019 Meeting - A Tour de France

This month wines from France were presented by Kim and Teresa...

May 2019 Meeting - Wines to put a spring in your step

Our hosts were Stuart and Jean who presented wines to put a Spring in your step. These are the wines they chose...

April 2019 Meeting - The Wine Society

For this meeting Linda and Bryan introduced a frriend from the Wine Society who presented her choice of wines.

March 2019 Meeting - A Taste of Portugal

This month are hosts were Julie and Jerry who presented a selection of wines from Portugal including some interesting fortified ones...

February 2019 Meeting - Wines from Southwest France

Sue and Peter were our hosts this month and treated us to wines they experienced whilst on holiday in Southwest France ...

January 2019 Meeting - Brexit wines

This time our tasting was hosted by Gordon and Gayle, who with emaculate timing (on the same day as the critical Brexit deal vote) presented a selection of Brexit wines for our consideration. Frank views were expressed and votes taken! These were the wines...

November 2018 Meeting - Austro-Hungarian Empire

An unusual topic this month from John and Tricia, with an eclectic selection of wine from the historic empire...

October 2018 Meeting - A dance around the world

This month’s meeting was hosted by Sue and Dave who provided a blind tasting but introduced each wine with a dance being played which gave a clue to the country it came from…

September 2018 Meeting - Wines from Eastern Europe

This month our presenters were Mike and Alison, originally they had hoped to be able to revisit some wines from our early meetings as this was our 10th anniversary, but they were no longer available. So instead they found some wines from Eastern Europe (Greece, Moldova, Slovenia, Turkey, Romania, Lebanon) ...


Contact Details

Jerry Bolter  07561 759798
Mike Clarke   07885 164188

Group Events

Tue, 20/09/2022 - 7:30pm
Tue, 18/10/2022 - 7:30pm
Tue, 15/11/2022 - 7:30pm
Tue, 20/12/2022 - 7:30pm
Tue, 17/01/2023 - 7:30pm

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