Shuttleworth Aerpdrome - Bedfordshire

Thursday 19th December

This morning our ride to Shuttleworth Aerodrome and the café there for lunch.  Surprisingly because of the poor weather forecast, nine riders turned up before the start of the ride at Wetherspoons for a chat and a cuppa.  Paul didn't ride with us but did his usual circuits meeting up with us again at lunchtime. The rest of us Karlo, Andy, Sheila, Angie, Sandra, Roy, myself, and Geoff P taking the lead, as usual. We cycled via Arlesey, Henlow, Clifton, Stanford, Ireland and Old Warden.  The usual lunch and social was enjoyed at this venue with Adrian joining us there too.  Afterwards, we headed back as a group excepting Paul more or less retracing our steps using the reverse of the same route as our outward journey except we missed out Ireland, heading over to Southill from Old Warden instead.  The forecast of rain started at Clifton but then abated with the heavens opening again when we arrived in Fairfield. There was a tailwind on our outward journey, which fortunately was not as bad as expected on the way back.  My mileage was 26 at a slow average for us of 10.5

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