Codicote Hertfordshire

Thursday 17th October

This morning our ride was to Codicote and the coffee shop at Spokes Cycles for lunch. Six of us met for a cuppa beforehand. Paul F, Karlo, Louise, Maria, Roy and myself, I took the lead. Paul did his own ride and met us for lunch. On route, we were met by David W. Our outward route was via Great Wymondley, Redcoats, Little Almshoe, Shilly Green, Old Knebworth and Rabley Heath. When we arrived Paul and John were already there. We had a nice toasted cheese sandwich or a cake and a cuppa, they didn't really do much else. After lunch, we set off in the rain. John made his own way, Paul and Maria made their way back along the direct route, being the Codicote road. The rest of us made our way through Stevenage along route 12, well that was the plan but I took a wrong turning, fortunately, Karlo knew the way and took us through to the Old Town where we picked up route 12 again. Karlo left us on the edge of Stevenage to head home and the rest of us came back via Graveley and Great Wymondley. The weather started off with lovely bright sunshine, very uplifting. After lunch, it decided to rain so we all got a little wet. There was some headwind on our way out also, fortunately, it was behind us in the rain. My mileage was 27 at an average of 11.​

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