Jordans Mill - Bedfordshire

Thursday 19th September

Eleven of us met at The Three Magnets this morning for our ride to Jordan’s Mill. Adrian, Sheila and Bob from Sandy set off early to get in some extra miles before meeting the rest of us for lunch. David W, Sandra, Geoff H, Karlo, Angie, Colin, Mick L & myself set off at 10:45 heading out on our usual route through Arlesey where we met Nigel and then onto Henlow where we met John. From here we continued through Langford to our destination arriving at about 11:40. The other three arrived some 30 minutes later. We had a long lunch break outside as the weather was so good. We set off for the return ride at about 1 pm heading to Broom. Bob had headed towards Sandy and Adrian left us at some point for an extended ride. The rest of the group continued through Southill, Stanford, Clifton and back to Henlow & Arlesey. Those who were returning to Letchworth took the Fairfield route whilst Nigel continued on towards Ickleford and John towards Hitchin. Another enjoyable ride of about 20 miles for the Letchworth contingent who were in the main group. The weather was glorious with bright sunshine and very little wind. 

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