St Pauls Walden - Hertfordshire

Thursday 15th August

Our ride on Thursday 15th, was a short ride to St Pauls Walden and the Strathmore Arms PH for our lunch stop. Twelve riders set off from Wetherspoons in two groups of six after a cuppa and a chat at approximately 10:45. The riders in the first group were David R, David W, Sandra, Karlo, Geoff H and Geoff P leading. The second group's riders were Anne, Sue, Tony, Colin, Paul H and myself leading them. Our route out was via Willian, Gt Wymondley, Little Almshoe and Shilley Green. The twelve of us arrived for lunch to be met by John, Adrian, Mick, Paul F, Bridget and Gill. Eighteen of us, a record, enjoyed lunch with plenty of socialising before most of us set off on our prefered routes/circuits back to Letchworth or elsewhere. Geoff P has advised me that he, Geoff H and Karlo met up at David R's house for his birthday tea and cakes. The weather was overcast and chilly, my mileage was 18 at an average of 12.

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