Great Offley - Hertfordshire

Thursday 17th January 2019

Today our ride was planned for Gt Offley and The Red Lion for lunch. Eight of us met in Wetherspoons for coffee/tea beforehand. The eight were David R, Angie, Sandra, Potential new member Suzy, Roy, Mick L, myself and Geoff who took the lead. David decided to head off on a circuit of his own while the rest of us took a steady ride over to Great Wymondley and towards Redcoats Farmhouse, Suzy decided to turn back at the Wymondley Sub Station. The remaining six of us headed over to Preston via Hitchwood. When we got to Preston we found that the road was closed so we aborted the journey to Gt Offley and headed back to The Red Lion at Preston for our lunch. An enjoyable lunch was had at this venue, its a shame it's so close to Letchworth as I am sure we would use this a lot more. Afterwards, we headed back to Letchworth using our usual route. I am not sure who made it to Gt Offley for lunch, I believe Adrian and Mick did, I am not sure if there was anybody else. The weather was very cold with quite a strong wind from the north-west, both making themselves felt on our return. The sun was out with its hat on all day to make up for the wind and cold. My mileage was 17 at an average of 10.

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