St Pauls Walden - Hertfordshire

Thursday 21st December (the longest day)

Our ride this morning was a short ride to St Pauls Walden. Ten of us set off from Wetherspoons at about eleven, Jacky, Adrian, Frank C, David W, Sandra, Steve, Paul, new member Mick L, myself and Geoff Leading. Four of us went via 'Preston' hill, Adrian, Frank, Mick and myself while the remainder took the A656. We stopped for an enjoyable lunch at the Strathmore Arms where we were met by Mick C and Bridget. Afterwards we headed off back with Mick C and Adrian going left at Hitchwood and Jacky heading off at Little Almshoe.  SMick L was unlucky to get a puncture on his first ride with us on the approach to Willian. The weather had warmed up, so it was mild but heavily overcast and dank. My mileage was 18.5 at an average of just over 11.


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