Ley Green - Hertfordshire

Thursday 19th October

Eleven of met at Wetherspoons for a ride to Ley Green with lunch at the Plough. We had two potential new members Linda and Hella also George who had not been out with us for some time. The regulars riders were David W, Peter, Jeremy, Anne, Paul, Frank C, myself and Geoff. Paul set off on his own route to meet us later. The rest of us set off in two groups of five following our usual route to this destination. On arrival we were met by Paul and John as well as Bridget and Gill. As there were fourteen of us in total, I asked the landlady if she would be able to accommodate our larger than normal group. She suggested that she could make a couple of platters of mixed filled baguettes and three bowls of chips as she was on her own. Rather a good spread at short notice and only £3 per head. So an enjoyable, if a little extended lunch was had. Afterwards, Paul, John, Bridget and Gill made their own way, while the rest of us headed back to Letchworth along our normal direct route. The weather was heavily overcast with some rain on our outward journey. My mileage was about 19 at an average of 10. All in all a very enjoyable, if short ride. Well done Linda and Hella and welcome back George.

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