Stanford - Hertfordshire

Thursday 17 August

Our ride today was to Stanford. Five of us left Letchworth Jacky, a new member, David R, Frank C, myself with Geoff in the lead. Our route out took us via Arlesey New Road and we were going to take the direct route to Stanford but decided to go via Jordans Mill with an extra loop through Southill due to making good time. On arrival at The Green Man David headed off without stopping for lunch. We were met there by Fred and John and a little later by Peter, Bridget and Gill. Initially the reception we recieved on entering the bar/restaurant, was to say the least, a little on the icy side. Apparently we were expected to book their near empty restaurant! Anyway we still had a pleasant lunch as we were in good company. I hope they didnt spit in our food. Afterwards Bridget and Gill headed off by car with Fred making his way back home to Pullox Hill and the rest of us taking our normal route back. John headed off at Arlesey for home with the rest of us continuing back via Stotfold turning right at the lights for Fairfield and Letchworth. Geoff and Peter sill had a few miles to do to get home to Luton, while Jacky had to head back to Holwell. The weather turned out to be quite nice after a doubtful start but was a little on the breezy side, especially on our return. My mileage was 23 at an average of 13.5.