Jordans Mill - Bedfordshire

Thursday 18th May

This morning our ride was to Jordans Mill. Eight of us set off from Letchworth, Sandra, Roy, Frank C, David R, Jeremy, Peter, myself and Geoff in the lead. We took a direct route there via Bedford Road, Arlesey, Henlow and Langford arriving at Jordans Mill just before twelve to be met by John and Bedford Paul. David didn't stop for lunch as he wanted to put in some extra miles and was on a restricted timescale. The restaurant had been renovated, I am not sure of the actual benefit, perhaps the throughput was a bit faster. The food was the same good quality, if a bit on the pricey side. Anyway lunch was enjoyable overlooking the river Ivel. John and Paul made their own way back as usual and the rest of us headed back in a group. We came back via Broom, Clifton, Henlow, Arlesey, Stotfold and Fairfield. Sandra, Frank, Peter and Geoff came back for tea and TimTams at mine before heading home. Peter and Geoff still had to cycle back to Luton, I hope they missed the rain. The weather was quite bright, mainly sunny but with quite a bit of cloud about. My mileage was about 21 at an average of 11.5. A nice leisurely ride as usual for the Wheelers.