Shuttleworth - Old Walden, Hertfordshire.

Thursday 16th February

A group of nine met up for the start in Wetherspoons Leys Ave as usual. Sandra and David W, Louise, Paul, Roy, Adrian, Frank C, myself and Geoff. Shortly after starting off I noticed that my ride was feeling decidingly rough and bumpy. On stopping I was not surprised to find my rear tyre almost flat. I decided to go home and change my bike over, rather than change the inner tube. I texted ahead to advise of my predicament and new plan saying I would meet up at Shuttleworth. This I did. On my way through Norton I noticed two cyclists at the side of the road with a bike upside down obviously fixing a problem, I went past quite fast and didn't realise it at the time, but it turned out that it was Adrian and Paul, who had had a blow out. I continued through Stotfold, Arlesey and continued into Henlow where I noticed a group of cyclists on the pavement at the side of the road up ahead. You guessed it, it was our group with Geoff having received a double whammy. After hitting a pot hole in the road he punctured both of his tyres. He doesn't do things by halves. Frank reported the said culprit to 'Fill that Hole' - an app designed and supported by Cycling UK. While waiting, I learnt of the tyre blow out Paul had had and realised it was them that I had past in Norton. While Geoff was changing his tyres, Adrian and Paul arrived. We set off as a group of nine again for about one mile, when Geoff realised he had another rear wheel puncture. This was due to an old puncture patch which had come loose. As the time was now getting on, the Group split with Sandra, David, Frank and Louise heading off via Southill and Old Warden to meet us at Shuttleworth. Geoff's inner tube changed for the second time the rest of us took the direct route along the B658, arriving at Shuttleworth about an hour latter than planned. No sign of John. I have a sneaky feeling that he had been and gone! Anyway, lunch was enjoyed and we set off back in two groups. Geoff, Adrian and Paul headed off towards Streetley I believe and the rest of us took a direct route via Broom and Langford. I must also say that Roy must have been a postman in a former life as he had his shorts on. The weather was fair with plenty of sun fortunately. My mileage was just over 27 with an average of 11.5.

Enjoyable day out despite the disasters!

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