Old Knebworth - Hertfordshire

17th November

Today our ride was to the Lytton Arms at Old Knebworth. Eight of us left Wetherspoons (Geoff, David, Frank T, Mia, Sheila, Loraine, Louise and I) lead by Geoff heading via Willian, Great Wymondley, St Pauls Walden, Whitwell, Codicote and Nup end. We didn't take our usual route through the back lanes via Shilley Green, due to the poor road surface which tends to be covered in mud at this time of year. A nice lunch was had, while the heavens chucked it down. As we departed for the return journey the rain miraculously stopped. On our return, because of the threatening weather we came back the shorter route via the Stevenage cycle paths, through Graveley, turning left to Wymondley before heading back to Letchworth. Loraine was unfortunate to get a puncture just after passing Sainsbury's. It had started to rain quite heavy at that point, but we were fortunate enough to have a cycle underpass for the A 602 which gave shelter while Loraine was able to fix her puncture, with a little help and guidance from Frank T. Well done Loraine and Thanks Frank. The weather was building up to the storm 'Barney' so not the most pleasant, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. A return milage of about 26 miles.