November 2013 Meeting - Blind Tasting

Clive and Susan hosting a blind tasting with an interesting selection of wines really testing the palates...

The Wines

1.Maschio Prosecco Brut 11%

Slightly drier than an Extra Dry and not “biscuity”.  A lively, refreshing wine full of bright candied fruit flavours with background floral notes  mixed with an edginess that is very 'welcoming.'

2. Castillero Del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Sainsburys 13%

Fresh, due to citric hints. Presence of pears, lime and some tropical touches with a greenish finish thanks to the presence of green apples.  The balance of fruit and acidity refresh the palate.

3. Gavi Tesco Finest 2012 12.5%

A crisp, medium bodied, flavoursome dry white wine with elegant mineral characters and ripe citrus fruit flavours and pear fruit flavours. Clean and soft on the palate with fruity after taste.

4. Taste the Difference Chablis 2012 Sainsburys  12.5%        

Apple and flint on the palate with zesty acidity, and a lovely floral finish. Crisp and dry, it is characterised by citrussy fruit flavours and a complex finish with balanced acidity and richness.

5. Barón de Ley Reserva Rioja 2008  13.5%

Traces of coconut and toffee, evolving into seductive nuances of spices and mediterranean bush with optimum acidity, and bringing back an aftertaste with red fruits and a pleasant sensation of volume and onctuosity.


6. Stark-Conde Cabernet Sauvignon 2012  14%

A peppery-spicy-oakiness nose, a surprising amount of acidity and a mint and eucalyptus flavour alongside blackcurrant and cedar.  The finish is pretty decent, medium length and slightly leathery in the back of the throat.

7. Gigondas Tesco Finest 14.5%

An intense and smooth deep coloured, powerful, full bodied  wine with flavours of red and black berry fruits - both fresh and dried, black pepper, green bell pepper, savoury herbs and spicy oak.