Stratford and the lower Lee Valley

This trip led by Phil, our newest leader, broke new ground for the London Villages Group:

it began with a choral session! Fortunately this didn’t involve any auditions, just a rendering of sections of “Oranges and Lemons”, the full words of which were displayed on the wall of a pub in Bow, just down the road from the church with the relevant bell. Then down to the waterside and on to Three Mills, a delightful piece of industrial history. The Olympic site was still very much a work in progress, with Bob the Builder and his mates out in force, but we got a good view of Anish Kapoor’s media centre amidst the bulldozers. The new Westfield shopping mall impressed, and leaves its 1960s neighbour rather out in the cold. Finally to the delightful West Ham park, rather surprisingly owned and run by the City of London, where spring flowers abounded and we enjoyed lingering in the sunshine. Even the train ride back was educational, with an overview of most of the places we had visited seen from a different angle. A most interesting and enjoyable outing, with plenty of fascinating historical anecdotes.

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