Clophill & The Stone Jug for lunch

Thursday 15th July

Ten riders met at The Broadway Fountain this morning for our advertised ride to Clophill. Angie, Anne, Geoff H, Jack, Alan, Kevin, potential new members Kris and Jaz, myself and Adrian. Jaz decided not to ride today. We split into two groups one led by Adrian via Ireland and Haynes who were joined by Nige and Steve at Arlesey. I led Anne and Angie via Shefford and the cycle path along the A507. At lunch, we were also met by Bedford Paul, Mick, Pete and Geoff P. (Well done to Geoff P who is recovering from a knee replacement). Nige decided not to stay for lunch. While the rest of us were enjoying our refreshments, it was noticed that Kevin had a rear tyre puncture, which he fixed while we were finishing off our lunch. Afterwards, we set off in the same groups, heading back to Letchworth and peeling off for our various home destinations where necessary. The weather was overcast but quite warm with very little breeze. The mileage would have been varied but I would guess between 25 and 30. The Stone Jug is always able to accommodate us in a friendly efficient way and today was no exception.

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