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We have now held six Zoom-based virtual tastings in May, July, September,November 2020, January and March 2021. We had excellent attendance, with good discussion and plenty of laughs. We drink whatever whiskies we have (or had!) at home, comparing notes and catching up for a couple of hours. 


Ease your lockdown woes by joining us for our next virtual whisky tasting in May 2021. Please get in touch if you would be interested in joining us.

We are looking forward to a face to face meeting when possible. The current plan (subject to change clearly!) anticipates another Zoom Meeting in May (Friday 21st) and then an outdoor event in July (date to be confirmed). We'll see how it goes!! 

We are not counting any of the whiskies towards our MWAG 'list' (see below). Given that we were just about to celebrate with our 100th whisky that is a shame however it will make the first 'in person' meeting all the more special.

We still have room for new members. For the details of the venue contact Grant Cameron.

Below are lists of the whiskies that we've sampled together in 'in person' meetings along with a list of 'lockdown' whiskies sampled, mainly by one of us, during our Zoom calls.

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The lockdown list

The Malt Whisky Group has continued to meet through Zoom so we have made an attempt to capture the whiskies that we have been sampling at home. We do discuss these and we believe that there will be some recommendations from this list to guide us once we are able to meet again in person. Updated after March 2021 Virtual Meeting.


Whiskies we've tasted

Below is a list of whiskies which we have sampled in physical meetings between 2012 and early 2020 before moving to virtual Zoom style meetings

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Grant Cameron 01462 679569

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