All Things Feathered Poultry Society

All things Feathered Poultry Society

We would like to welcome any current or new members who are interested in finding out about the joys of keeping chickens or other species of poultry and be part of a community that can provide advice, support and guidance.

We are planning our next group meeting.  Please get in touch with group contact for further information.


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On 17th June 2023 Claire and Darrell hosted a group meet-up in their recently renovated back garden. It was lovely to see so many members of the group as it had been a while since we last got together. Their five chickens were out on the lawn and enjoying their new freedom after the government finally lifted flockdown rules! We also enjoyed catching up with stories, tea and cake and of course it wasn't long before the conversation turned to the topic of our feathered friends.

On 28th August 2021 we were all invited to join Nichola and Paul for tea and cake in their country garden. Nichola and Paul have rescued a huge number of chickens from slaughter through 'Fresh Start of Hens' and it was clear to see how they are all thriving now. They found inventive ways to provide protection from wild birds (as part of the new government rules) but still had plenty of boredom-busters in their environment - including a hand-made aeroplane!! Yes, for real.

Due to the current outbreak of Covid-19, it is unlikely that our meeting in May will take place. Please keep checking this page for updates.

If you have recently purchased chickens or ducks to give you a supply of eggs over the coming weeks, please may I ask that you look after them as you would any other domesticated pet. Chickens can bring such joy and they deserve to be cared for and protected from foxes. If you have any questions or would like some support with keeping chickens, please contact me for advice and I will gladly help.


I'm so thrilled to have editing rights for our group page, I can finally tell you all about us!

My name is Claire Bunyan and I am the Group Leader for the All Things Feathered Poultry Society. If you keep chickens, ducks, or any other wonderful bird then you are more than welcome to join our group.

We met their flock of Orpingtons comprising a rooster, named Fletcher, and three hens. Their spacious and well-designed accommodation was much admired.

Topics of conversation included the differences between pure-bred and hybrid birds, veterinary care and coop construction

Our first meeting was a visit was to Barns Poultry Centre in Moggerhanger for a look around.