Feature: We are all in this together...... by Claire Bunyan

All Things Feathered Poultry Society

Chickens make such lovely companions,especially in a time of isolation. The All Things Feathered Poultry Society have been keeping in touch over lockdown via WhatsApp, Zoom and email. What better way to cheer each other up than sending each other photos of our chickens? And if we ever have any questions or concerns about our feathered friends, our members are quick to offer advice and support.
In November 2020, a national Avian Flu pandemic hit the UK hard, and backyard chicken-keepers were instructed to lockdown their birds. A legal housing order was put in place which meant that all chickens had to be kept under shelter, with no free-ranging and no access to territory shared by wild birds. We helped each other through this process and for many, it meant having a completely new set-up for their birds. Some of the chickens weren't too happy about this, but for the sake of their health, needs must! Thankfully, the housing order was lifted on 1stApril and chickens could once again enjoy the taste of grass. Biosecurity measures however still remain, so just like us we need to ensure extra cleaning takes place, but that's a small price to pay for having our chickens roaming the garden again!



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