Malt Whisky Group reaches their 100th whisky sampled

In January 2020 the Malt Whisky Appreciation Group were excited that we had reached our 97th whisky. As it is the normal routine that every two months we sample three whiskies we believed that in March 2020 that we would reach #100. It was clearly not meant to be and the meetings moved online. 

In July 2021 we held our first in person meeting outside and acquired and sampled whiskies 98, 99 and 100!

The whiskies were chosen to be different from each other so we started with a very smooth and easy drinking Irish whiskey, Tullamore D.E.W, a triple distilled blend.

We then tried an Indian whisky, a new country for us and one that is really making a name for itself in whisky circles. We tried the Amrut whisky which divided opinion in the Group as to it's appeal however that is of course the point of trying these things. 

Our 100th whisky was intentionally something special; a 25 year old Glenfarclas from Speyside in Scotland. This was universally acknowledged as delicious and a worthy dram for our 100th.

The MWAG started back in 2012 so while it has taken us nine years to reach 100 it has been a very enjoyable journey and we look forward to the next 100.

It was great to be back in 'full 3D' with the Group and a most enjoyable evening was had by all. 

We look forward to things being back to 'normal' for our next meeting in September and there are quite a number of whiskies left to sample (again!).

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MWAG 100th whisky event
Whiskies galore

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