Writing timetable 2021



Meeting date 2021

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month. We meet by Zoom at 7.30pm, and the Zoom address is sent round beforehand.

Writing theme and notes

A piece of writing can be a poem/group of poems, a story, a play, an essay, fiction or non-fiction, a chapter from a longer story, letters, or anything else you want to write. You can use the theme to inspire you or focus on your own work.

5th January

Star Journey

2nd February

The Inciting Incident

2nd March

Forces Against

6th April

In the end

4th May


1st June

Increasing Pressure

6th July

There and back

3rd August

The train at platform 7

7th September

Moonlight in Manchester

5th October

New Outlook

2nd November

Missing Item

7th December



Meetings start promptly at 7:30. We may have a short writing exercise or a discussion about an aspect of writing. Authors read their work aloud (if they want to) and we discuss each other’s work. All welcome! We charge a £4 subs per meeting to cover the cost of our annual anthology and competitions. The deadline to share your work with the group is one week or so prior to the meeting, giving everyone a chance to read and enjoy it. We look forward to seeing you!

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions?

Email letchworthwriters@gmail.com