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Wild Flowers

Sadly, the proposed wildflower meadow at Docwra Manor failed.
But at Hexton Chalk Pits we will see butterflies as well as flowers, and possibly also visit Radwell Meadows.
Members will be advised of dates and times by email.

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Ivel Springs

A small group of us enjoyed a stroll at Ivel Springs where we shared the meadow with wild flowers, plenty of butterflies and four long-horned cattle.

No further outings will be organised until Spring 2019.

Knocking Hoe - June 2018

Seven of us had a wonderful stroll at Knocking Hoe reserve in June, organised by Lorna Whitaker. We saw many orchids among the wild flowers, and even a Brown Argus butterfly. No further outings currently planned.

Oughtonhead Common - Oct 2016

Our final stroll on a fine October morning was on Oughtonhead Common, organised by Jean Latham.

There will be no further outings this year. A meeting will be convened in early March 2017 for members to discuss plans for visits in the warmer weather.

Visit to Pegsdon Hills - 20th Sep 2016

On Tuesday 20 September, Pat Rumpus organised a walk to Pegsdon Hills, followed by lunch at the Live and Let Live pub.

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