Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

We will begin again in the Spring.

We plan several visits this spring and summer, possibly notifying members at short notice for a better chance of seeing flowers.

Radwell Meadows will feature, possibly in April; in May or June Houghton Mill and the water meadows, then Knocking Knoll a bit later. Details to be decided.

Ad hoc visits this summer have included the opportunity to see orchids on Norton Common and wild flowers at Ivel Springs, Baldock.

If we have any further ideas, members will be notified by email.

More News and Pictures

A small group of us enjoyed a stroll at Ivel Springs where we shared the meadow with wild flowers, plenty of butterflies and four long-horned cattle.

Seven of us had a wonderful stroll at Knocking Hoe reserve in June, organised by Lorna Whitaker. We saw many orchids among the wild flowers, and even a Brown Argus butterfly.

Our final stroll on a fine October morning was on Oughtonhead Common, organised by Jean Latham.

On Tuesday 20 September, Pat Rumpus organised a walk to Pegsdon Hills, followed by lunch at the Live and Let Live pub.