Train Buddies


We meet on the first Thursday of the month to book a trip on a Thursday at the end of the subsequent month making use of reduced rail fares for Advance tickets and/or a group/railcard reduction, but when these are not available for our chosen destination we use Off Peak Day Return tickets. The cost of the fare is usually around £30 - £40 but depends on how far we travel and we aim to spend around 4 - 5 hours at our destination

All are welcome but you will need to be at the meetings to book and pay for the ticket if we are using an Advanced fare ticket. If we are buying Off Peak Return tickets you can just buy your ticket on the day, but please let us know in advance.


Contact Details

Geoff Morse 07714 503671

Group Events

Thursday 25 July 2024, 10:25am
Thursday 1 August 2024, 2:00pm
Saturday 10 August 2024, 8:50am
Thursday 29 August 2024, 9:30am
Thursday 5 September 2024, 2:00pm

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