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Pub quizzes and charity quizzes are restarting - please let Andrew know if you hear of any that you would like to go. 

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This group enters a team (or teams) in general knowledge quizzes held at various locations in Letchworth Garden City and other nearby towns and villages. We try to take part in a couple of quizzes a month - not on any specific evening - so if you know of a quiz near you that you'd like to take part in, join us & we'll fit it in. Or perhaps you know about a one-off quiz at the weekend.

The quiz nights we are planning to attend in the near future are shown in the Group Events column on the right.

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Quiz team goes from strength to strength

Update 28/07/19

We're pleased to report that in the last month or so we have returned to winning ways.

A couple of notable achievements!!

On Tuesday 28th March we managed to field 3 teams for the first time at the Three Horseshoes, but we still weren't good enough to win.

On Monday 3rd April we took part in the biggest quiz the Cultivo Lounge had organised. It was a Charity Quiz and 78 people in 18 teams took part. One of our two teams ran out winners in spite of a round on TV Soaps!! 

And more recently...

Since these early days we have taken part in many quizzes, including the Cultivo Lounge and the Three Horseshoes at Norton on a regular basis,  with mixed success. Our best result so far is probably the 74½ points out of 80 we scored at the Cultivo Lounge on the 17th Nov

Three Horseshoes, Norton - 24th May 2016

We fielded two teams for this quiz, one of them coming out on top again

Cultivo Lounge Quiz - 9th May 2016

We didn't do so well tonight and there we a lot less people taking part (28). We scored 41 points out of 80, the winners getting 56. We never do well on the music round, but it seemed that there were a lot of music questions in the other rounds too which didn't help our cause

Cultivo Lounge Quiz - 4th Apr 2016

We came second again in this quiz at the Cultivo Lounge. There were over 80 quizzers this evening. The winners came in with 61 points and we got 56 1/2. We only had 5 in our team - they had 8 but to be fair our team is often more generously peopled

Three Horseshoes, Norton - 15th Mar 2016

Not so successful this evening. We fielded two teams who finished 5th and 6th with 33 and 29 points out of a total of 70 respectively, but still a very stimulating challenge

Children's Society Quiz - 12th Mar 2016

Thirteen teams took part in this quiz at the Wilbury Hall in Bedford Road. We provided one team and other members of our group were in at least one other team. This other team won the quiz with 79 points and we finished second with 76

Transitions Town Letchworth Quiz - 8th Mar 2016

We fielded a team of five for this quiz which was described as being a general knowledge quiz with a bias towards sustainability, but it turned to be more than a bias!!

However, we acquitted ourselves well finishing second

Millstream Quiz - 2nd Mar 2016

A new venue for us this evening, but a difficult quiz. We scored 36 points and winners scored 41. 

Cultivo Lounge Quiz - 22nd Feb 2016 - we win again

Despite a low turnout (5 teams, 18 quizzers) and it being a tougher quiz than normal, our team of 4 managed to win the quiz again by 4 points with 44 points out of 80 

Three Horseshoes, Norton - 26th Jan 2016 - another win!!

The Three Horseshoes at Norton must be our lucky venue. Fourteen members took part in this quiz so we fielded three teams in a quiz consisting of 40 general knowledge questions and a picture round where we had to identify the outline of 12 countries. Our teams scored 28½, 29 and 35 points, the latter being the winning score.

The questions were quite varied, from identifying the hits of one hit wonders in the 70s and 80s to the winners of various categories in the National TV Awards last week.

Cultivo Lounge Quiz - 4th Jan 2016 - second place again!

Six teams took part in this closely contested quiz. The top four scores (out of 70) were 51, 52, 54 and 55. We came second with 54

David's Bookshop Quiz - 28th Dec 2015

We fielded two teams at this very enjoyable quiz the proceeds of which were for charity. One of our teams finished 3rd with 170 points out of 250.

Cultivo Lounge Quiz - 14th Dec 2015

Just one team of seven this evening, but we came second with 43 points out of 80, the winners scored 50

Three Horseshoes, Norton - 1st Dec 2015 - we win again!!

Fourteen members took part in this Quiz Night, so we were able to field two teams, one of which won the quiz with a very commendable 43 points out of 56

City Chorus Halloween Quiz 31st Oct 2015 - St Michael's Church Hall

Despite Jane's magnificent efforts we weren't able to cast a strong enough spell to win this quiz, coming 5th out of 8. Still it was another very enjoyable evening quizzing

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