Privacy - Introduction

This page provides information on how LALG handles personal data, and a statement of conformance to the regulations (known as GDPR) governing this subject.  LALG also has a Cookie policy for the website but this will not directly concern GCs.

The following three documents can be viewed by selecting from the list at the bottom of this page.

  • LALG's Privacy Statement detailing how explaining how LALG handles personal data.
  • A document giving Guidance to Group Contacts on the steps they should take when handling any personal data about their Group members.
  • A document giving details of the General Data Protection Regulations.

It is likely that as a Group Contact you, or someone else in your group, will keep a list of your group members and it is therefore essential that you comply with the GDPR regulations set out in the Guidance.  LALG also keeps a list of all Group Contacts which may include emails, telephone numbers and addresses.  This data is held securely and the LALG Committee will only use it to let you know about LALG activities or to provide you with information relating to your position as a group contact.