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Par 3 Golf

Friday mornings at 10.00am BST (or at 10.30 GMT in the winter) at the Par 3 Golf Centre, Willian Way, Letchworth.  Nine holes over 709 yards, ranging in length from 53 yards to 104 yards. There is a comfortable clubhouse serving light refreshments at reasonable prices. See their website for opening times.

We do arrange to play on some other days here by mutual agreement.  We will at all times stay within the changing government Covid-19 regulations.

Our group is full at the moment, if you are interested in joining a new Par 3 Golf group then please leave your details at David’s Bookshop or email


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Some photos from the LALG Par 3 group.


10 December 2021: Peter gets the Player of 2021 award for doing a 'Proper Job'.



5th November 2021: Three balls in the bunker on the 6th hole!


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Paul Wilkinson


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