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We recently had an excellent talk about Citizens Advice Bureau with particular reference to North Herts.

The Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire 'slogan' is: Free support and advice when you need it
Its promise is : Local charity, available to all, offering free confidential help and support

It is increasingly difficult to navigate through this complex world, and when issues arise it can be even harder to stop a situation spiralling out of control. Trying to solve a problem can be a battle: in a world gone online, face-to-face High Street help being phased out, and confusing call centres charging you for your call, it's a struggle for anyone. You can feel alone, embarrassed, stupid, and as if the problem cannot be resolved. And if you are less able to cope, or have a disability, long-term health condition, or a mental health issue, problems can be urgent, confusing and distressing.

We all need help at some point in our lives, and during 2020/21 Citizens Advice North Herts helped 5,229 people with 11,250 issues. We might have helped you or a friend or family member. It's easy to say that people should sort their own problems out, but many, many people in our community struggle to do this. Maybe they haven't got a strong support network around them and even if they get advice, it might be the wrong advice. Citizens Advice North Herts can help resolve the issue, and provide the skills to help people to manage on their own, giving them confidence to work through issues, prevent them happening again, and move forward and grow in their lives. CAB provides free flexible advice in many local settings with offices in Hitchin, Letchworth and Royston, plus outreach locations.

CAB offers advice via face-to-face, telephone, webchat and email. Its website helps people to find the information they need online.

It offers specialist advice on benefits, debt, housing repossessions for debt, managing money, and energy advice through a wide variety of projects.

Follow them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram; alternatively visit the website.

If you are considering volunteering, information is available on the website, as are details about fundraising
Further information about the Letchworth Financial Health Project is also available.  

A representative of the CAB is always available to do talks for local groups and the CAB is always happy to set up workshops in the community on issues like financial capability, scams awareness and energy supplier switching. There is also a mailing list for the quarterly newsletter and fundraising news so if you would like to be added then email

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