Food for Thought by Karsi

It wasn’t looking pretty,
At all as I glanced back,
A moment for quiet reflection revealed,
It was time to act!
With 2020 vision,
Bare facts stared me in the face:
Much more of me was evident,
And all had gone to waist!
But what with Christmas excess groceries,
... When nobody then came,
I was faced with a dilemma,
To ditch the assets or to gain?
So ‘Celebrations?’ they weighed heavily,
Nestled on my lap,
Yet once I’d taken all the wrappers off,
How could I put them back?
And maraschino cherries ...
One of your five a day?
With a swirl of double cream on top ... (sigh)
I got through them, anyway.
... What to do with pheasant pate?
Search me, I’ve not a clue,
But it became a lunchtime staple,
No joke, I’m telling you!
Thus began my downward spiral,
Anything was game,
Things I didn’t like had curve appeal:
All excuses; sadly lame.
With Healthy options on the launch pad ... still,
It wasn’t Rocket Science,
Recognizing what my mission lacked,
Was straightforward compliance!
Guilt at this point consumed me,
But because the news was grim,
‘Box Sets’ eased, and comfort food?
... I’d just packed too much in!
However, with some careful planning,
And the time to now take stock,
(Though my palette didn’t relish it,
When all had gone to pot),
I’ve started to make progress,
... Sensing ‘change is in the air
Fleshed it out’ on paper,
Worked my buttoff, to be fair!
I just needed to be kinder,
To myself, and keep my head;
Accept that human frailties,
Are sometimes by turmoil led.
Whilst ‘going out’ is off the menu,
I’ve been pushed to desperation,
And Deliveroo could not deliver us
From insufferable Staycations.
My response has been ... proportional,
And, I’ve not too many vices;
... Apart from chocolate Florentines
And Cherry Bakewell slices.
So I shall treat myself: tread lightly,
In this pandemic situation,
I think I’ve made a decent effort,
... But everything in moderation!


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