Online Help - My Profile (landing page)

Whenever you successfully login to the system, Welcome (your first name) is displayed at the top right of every LALG webpage. Clicking on "welcome" will take you to your My Profile page. You can also always find your "My Profile" page under the "My LALG" menu. 

Your My Profile page displays the following information:

  1. Your registration information is shown, along with a link to edit the details.
  2. If you are already a Member on the system and this was recognised when you set up your user, the system will show you the details of your membership, with a link to update your details should you wish to do so. It will also list the members of your household.
  3. If you have subscribed to any groups (via the subscription link on each group page) recent material for that group will be shown on your profile. 
  4. If you have booked any events, they will be listed.
  5. If you have been recognised as a member your membership details will be displayed.

NB If you are a member but your details are now showing on your My Profile page, contact with your details and ask the membership team to merge your records.