Our 2020 walks

Sunday 1 March

Due to the snow and rain it was decided to change the walk. Thanks to Roger, at short notice, we met at Radwell Meadows for a lovely 7.5 mile walk. There were 8 of us.

Also another 8 members of our group did a shorter walk of 4 miles led by Jan and Debbie. A great time was had by all.


Sunday 6 September

After a long break from meeting up we had our first walk led by Robin. This was a 9 mile walk starting from Biggleswade, to Sutton and Dunton. On the way on one of the footpaths near Sutton we were overtaken by about 300 cyclists.  


Sunday 4 October

Due to the bad weather and thanks to Pat Biggins a short walk on some of the Greenway was organised. Wet weather gear needed.

The intended walk was put forward to the follwing week.


Sunday 11 October

On a bright day we had a lovely 8 mile circular walk led by Chris and Peter starting from Reed Church. We then walked through lovely countryside to Barkway and Nuthampstead. A shorter version of the walk was led by Chris.


Sunday 1 November

 There were 6 of us on a circular 9 mile walk from Romany Close to Pirton,  The day started off a bit cloudy but then brightened up with some strong winds. No rain which was a bonus.

Pat Biggins led a shorter walk of 5 miles of which there were 5 people.


Sunday 6 December


On a cold frosty and foggy day 5 of us had an enjoyable 9 mile walk from Weston church to Wallington and Clothall, although being very muddy and wet in places.





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