Safety - Assessing potential Event Problems

It is a requirement of LALG insurance that the organiser of any event has thought about potential problems and planned for them.

This checklist identifies some problems that may occur and how to deal with them. There may be additional ones for specific events.

Check the other items in All Safety Guidance.


Who might be harmed and how

Actions to take in advance

If it happens

Accommodation/ facilities/key personnel

Venue becomes unavailable


Pay deposit on time

Check a few days before event that all is in order

Find alternative venue

Or cancel the event and:

Post notice on hall door

Contact LALG publicity to tell people via website and social media

Tell Discover Letchworth if they have sold tickets

If you have contact email/phone for attendees send them a message

Key facilities at venue are unavailable


Check a few days in advance that all is in order

Organise alternative provision

Or cancel the event - as above

Speaker/band/quiz master etc becomes unavailable


Check a few days in advance that all is in order


Find an alternative

Or cancel the event - as above

Incident at accommodation eg fire alarm


Check premises evacuation procedures and know where meeting point is

Have emergency contact number for venue manager

Tell participants what to do in case of emergency

Ensure venue is safely evacuated

Call Emergency Services if needed

Inform venue manager

Unusual or extreme weather conditions


Consider taking event cancellation insurance

Monitor weather forecast

Agree with team when decision to cancel/go ahead should be taken

Organiser to obtain everyone’s mobile phone number or email

Make timely decision to go ahead or cancel – as above

Injury and illness



Attendees are responsible for their own personal insurance – as notified on website/newsletter


Minor injuries (eg cuts, bruises, stings)



Offer first aid kit and find quiet place for injury to be treated in consultation with person or their companion

Consider making incident report to Secretary of LALG

Trips and sprains


Check before event starts that there are no trip hazards

Point out any uneven floors, taped wires, steps etc to participants

Serious injury/illness needing ambulance/




Dial 999 and call emergency services

Make incident report to Secretary of LALG

Damage to property or environment



LALG has third party insurance but individuals are responsible for their own insurance

Organiser to claim on LALG insurance, as appropriate

Complete incident report form

People at risk


Individual/  organiser

Understand the requirements when running events including children/young people/adults at risk

Notify LALG committee safeguarding officer and complete incident report form


Event loses money


Budget for realistic number of people

Have cancellation policy

Consider cancellation insurance

Understand commitments to venue and speakers etc

Cancel event if insufficient people


Trip makes money


Budget for realistic number of people

Surplus to be returned to LALG or to the group organising the event