General - Information Security

Organisations are obliged to hold information securely.  Details of the General Data Protection Requirements to which LALG must adhere can be found at All Privacy Guidance. As far as LALG is concerned this applies to all its members who organise its groups or other events and activities.

Technical security:

  • Make sure you have up to date virus protection on your computer.
  • Ensure any networks you use (whether at home or in public places) are secured.
  • Beware of hoax emails that try to obtain your log in credentials or personal details.
  • Use strong passwords and don’t write them down or share them with anyone else.
  • Lock the screen on your computer, laptop or other device when you are not using them.
  • Don’t store confidential information on an unencrypted device or in a folder you share with others.

Physical security:

  • Make sure your home or office are secure (e.g. door and window locks).
  • Don’t leave papers, laptops or other devices visible in your car – lock them in the boot.
  • Use a secure form of waste disposal for papers e.g. a shredder.
  • Don’t lose your laptop or memory stick!  And make sure they are password protected.

Other risks to be aware of:

  • Being overheard/overlooked in public places or when travelling.
  • Family members sharing your computer, laptop, tablet or other device should not be able to access personal information about members.
  • To avoid passing unwanted bugs and viruses between the computers and mobile devices of your group members please make sure you have up to date virus protection enabled. This may already be loaded on your device but you should check this out. Let members of your group know if you think you have been hacked or your online security otherwise compromised, using another method to contact them.