I’ve never really written for other people, is the group right for me?

Yes. There is no pressure to share your work, until and unless you want to, and you can learn a lot just by listening (and contributing) to discussions around other people’s work. Come along for a meeting and give us a try.


I only want to write for fun, is this ok?

Yes. Allowing time to write is the important thing and the group hopes to help with that by providing some structure and inspiration. Group members are what make the group work, and we need every style of writer – from poets to non-fiction, playwrights to novelists.


Do you recommend courses?

Writing is a craft, and learning more about how to write can be very helpful. Check out our Resources on our LALG webpage for a list of online and face-to-face courses. Local writing workshops are also advertised at meetings.


The inspiration is there, but I need help with grammar and spelling

Grammar and spelling are aspects of the craft of writing. Other aspects include tenses, point of view, creating believable characters, plot, pace, and structure. There are many online resources that help with these aspects, some of which we have collected into our Resources Table on our LALG webpage. And we endeavour to discuss these at our meetings as well.


I want to write, but can’t think of anything

Writing toggles back and forth between the subconscious and the conscious mind. It takes time to get into your subconscious mind, the main source of ideas. There are lots of exercises to overcome writer’s block on our webpage which help you access your subconscious. It’s something that we all experience from time to time, and many group members have their own tips and tricks for overcoming writer’s block.
Come along to a meeting and get some ideas!

I have more questions
Contact us and ask away. We will try to supply answers!

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