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The Decluttering Group started earlier this year [2022] with over a dozen members. Some of us wanted to chuck out a few useless items, others had a more serious need for a radical clear out.

At our first proper meeting we had an excellent talk by LALG member Jenny Jones, who shared her wealth of professional experience in house clearance. At another meeting, some members of the LALG computer users group gave us a fantastic session on selling our treasure online. Now lots of us are on eBay and Facebook Marketplace etc.

One of the best things to happen has been a buddying idea. Elizabeth and Nicole started it first and proved that having a decluttering buddy can provide the impetus we need to get started, and then keep on going. Elizabeth said: “Nicole has given me the confidence to make a small start on sorting through some very precious belongings. Having her support really helps.” Nicole said: “The key is to never be judgmental of each other. We just ask ourselves ’does this item bring me joy?’ - and if it doesn’t, we look for an environmentally responsible way to get rid of it.” Visit the Group's webpage: there is a long list of useful organisations for disposing of your unwanted items. And some tips for successful buddying.

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