Christmas Games Suggestions


Merry Christmas from Cathy Watts of the Games Club. Here are some fresh alternatives to the regular mainstream games to play at Christmas.
First a bit of advice on choosing the right game: read the mood and age of your group, keep games easy and fairly quick to play, make it simple to teach (at least one person should know the rules beforehand).
The best way to approach new games is to do a bit of homework. YouTube is a brilliant tool: look up reviews, how to play, this will give you a good idea if the game is for you. Also, read the rules online, so come Christmas it will be a happy easy learning experience for all.
Games listed here are available from websites (sample of some I use: Zatu, Games Lore, Thirsty Meeples, Rules of Play) and some retailers like David’s Bookshop.
Family Games ages 6, 8, 10, 13, 14+ to adults
1. Dragomino 4/5+ (with help), Kingdomino 8+, Queendomino, Kingdomino Origins
2. Dr. Eureka 6+
3. Azul (original version) 8+, slightly harder is Azul Summer Pavillions
4. Draftosaurus 8+ (also has 2 good expansions)
5. Roll for it 8+
6. Ticket to Ride London 8+ (a short version of the huge Ticket to Ride catalogue)
7. Downforce 8+ (with help)
8. Quacks of Quedlinburg 10+
9. Cascadia 10+
10. Splendor 10+
11. Era Medieval Age 10+ (with help)
12. Carcassonne 13+ (could play younger with help)
Party Game/Quiz
1. Just One 8+ (with help, as need to read and spell, can pair with adult, but everyone can play in pairs works well)
2. Mr. Lister’s Quiz Shootout 10+ (younger could play with help, it is a team game)
Card Games
1. Selfish Space Edition 7+ (with help)
2. Skyjo 8+ (an all numbers game from Amazon, not sure if retailers have it)
3. Sushi Go Party/Sushi Go (cards only) 8+ (with help)
4. Point Salad 14+ (maybe younger with help)
Using regular cards, Hearts and Crazy 8’s are great.
Heirloom Wooden Games £££
Crokinole, Large Chinese Checkers with marbles, Pitrush (all these plus many more from Masters Traditional Games website based in St. Albans, a brilliant shop for unusual games).
Carrooka (from website, all hand made by Jack Furnival in Staffs).

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