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LALG has a Zoom licence which allow calls of unlimited length for up to 100 participants. To find out the login details email  Login details must be kept secret.

When using Zoom for an LALG activity, please ensure that everyone observes LALG’s terms of membership and that nothing is said or discussed where the content is likely to cause offence to others.

Booking LALG’s Zoom licence

Time slots can be booked by Group Contacts or a nominated deputy for any LALG purpose, but not personal use.

To check availability for the time you want to meet, email

It is important to schedule a meeting in advance, so you will need to arrange a time for logging in to do so. By scheduling meetings, everyone can see when the licence is booked, or available.

Logging in

Only log into Zoom at the time you arranged by emailing

Sign out of your personal zoom account if necessary and login in with:

Use the password sent to you for that day (it is different every day) or email if you have forgotten it.

Do not use LALG’s personal ID for meetings; this has been disabled.

Please keep to the time you have booked.

Virtual waiting room is on by default
This prevents people from joining a meeting until you, the host, are ready. 

You’ll have the option to admit people by clicking on Admit. Do not admit anyone whose name you don’t recognise.

Technical support

If you do need help, please contact any of the following:

Jackie Harber:   (not bookings)

Jackie Sayers:  07970 407635

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The views and opinions expressed by speakers or other third parties at LALG events (in person and online) are those of the speaker or third-party and not necessarily those of LALG. LALG is not responsible for its accuracy or completeness.

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