Midweek Amblers / Ramblers

This friendly group walks monthly, usually during the third week of the month and on sequential weekdays to allow walkers with fixed activities to fit in.

Walks are organised for around 25 people and are up to 5 miles, at an easy pace.  Some walks involve a shorter alternative.  Where feasible it is expected that regular group members will contribute in walk organising, thereby giving the Amblers-Ramblers a varied and interesting program though-out the year.

In general walks are based from a pub where we return to lunch, and are within 30 minutes travel (car sharing is encouraged).

When booking a place for a walk, please contact the month’s walk leader as published in the LALG Newsletter (rather than group contact). This should be at the convenience of the walk leader, and generally no more than two weeks prior or as indicated in the LALG News Letter.

I am compiling a new list of email addresses, so if you haven't already given me one and would like to be on the list, then please send me an email at haroldstokes@waitrose.com 

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