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Physical Meetings are held in members’ homes on Tuesday afternoons/evenings in alternate weeks and on alternate Tuesday evenings on Zoom.

Everyday conversation with opportunity for items of special interest. There is no formal tuition, but we have several native speakers willing to help. As a group we meet to practice, not to teach. So it is necessary that you have enough German to hear and understand everyday conversation. We don't expect new members to start speaking much for the first few weeks but then to be capable of joining in with the everyday conversations.

We expect each member to take a fair share of the hosting in the home.

We hold a number of social events, as a group, through the year. These include meals together with partners (in English), a trip to a German speaking City (long weekend) and Carol evening just before Christmas where we sing both English and German carols.


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Berlin 2016

Group visit to Berlin - well worth the trip.

German Group Party - January 2015

As every year the German Conversation Group had a New Year get-together with a generously loaded table contributed by the members.

Berlin is worth a visit: (Berlin ist einen Besuch wert.)

This was a slogan in Cold War days when West Berlin was isolated in the middle of the hostile territory of the DDR – Deutsche Demokratishe Republik, which was allied with the Soviet block, not entirely in accordance with the wishes of many of its citizens.

Regular Tuesday evening conversation group

The LALG German Group meets every Tuesday evening throughout the year to enjoy two hours of informal conversation one hundred percent in German language. The meetings are in members' homes, alternating each week, and some wine, tea/coffee and cakes are part of the evening. 

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Martin Sproat 01438 226044


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