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Europe and Beyond

For the next few meetings we plan to meet in the Kincaid Hall at the Settlement, or in another hall, to ensure enough room for all to sit apart from each other. See Group Events for details.
We are planning meetings on 'Covid Crisis: What can we learn from around Britain, and Other Countries?' and 'The Next US President?  Implications for Race, Trade & Climate?' in September and November respectively.  The September meeting will be 'Socially distanced'. When confirmed details and venues will be given on the website (Group Events) and in the September Newsletter.
An Appeal:  If you could speak at either of these meetings, or if you could put us in touch with anyone who has been involved working inside the organisations dealing with the Covid Crisis, such as in the NHS, & especially anyone with knowledge of how it's been done in other European countries, or beyond, please could you get in touch with us, either by phoning 01462 339438 or by emailing   We would really love to find those with the most interesting stories.'

All are welcome, LALG members £3, non-members £4.  Refreshments are available.

(This Group was formerly the Everything European Group.)


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Mandy Baldwin 01462 339438


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