Daytime Book Group

Daytime Book Group

We meet on the second Monday of the month at 2pm in the Premier Inn, Letchworth.

We are a friendly group with a capacity of 10. We take it in turn to choose a title (of any genre). Currently we are full but if you would like to go on a waiting list please phone or email me, Hazel Irwin (Group Contact). You will get a warm welcome.  LALG is constantly setting up new related groups where success has filled up the existing ones. To discuss this contact  William Armitage 01462 643537

Do have a look at our Group Report to see titles we have read since 2013. Our upcoming meetings are listed in the 'Group Events' box to the right. 

Group Events

Monday 8 July 2024, 2:00pm
Monday 12 August 2024, 2:00pm
Monday 9 September 2024, 2:00pm
Monday 14 October 2024, 2:00pm
Monday 11 November 2024, 2:00pm

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