Event Booking Form

Groups and event organisers can now use the LALG website to book their event(s). There is a form to complete on the next page.

Before completing the form you will need the following information:

  1. Event details – date, time, location, description, number of places etc.
  2. Open to members only, or can non-members come?
  3. Fee to participants to attend the event. Can be different for members and non-members.
  4. Waiting list? Only available for events with no fee.
  5. When online booking opens
  6. How many members or non-members can book at the same time. E.g can a couple book together.
  7. Extra information for the reminder email.

If it is a zoom event you will need the zoom link.

If there is a fee please notify Hetty, the Treasurer treasurer@lalg.org.uk and let Hetty know how you would like to receive the money. 

The bookings@lalg.org.uk team can help with your queries and will notify you when your event is set up. There is no need to set up the event yourself.

NOTE If you need to change the date or time or any of the booking arrangements once the event has been set up, you must email bookings@lalg.org.uk